Get In The Vote: Day to Day Tallies

Employers of in-house creatives should take heed – comp days are a valuable motivational tool, vacation is important but there’s some vacation-challenged disgruntled designers out there and summer hours are a good thing…

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Some comments…


I would prefer to NOT make up the hours to appreciate the summer hours. If it were a choice between NO summer hours or making up the time, I’d choose make up the time.
I am in the strange position of having a union job (the electrical workers union to boot!) so there is little to no flexibility in vacation time. That is one of my main grievances about my job. Better flexibility with days off would make me quite a bit happier in my job!
Our creative department is part of a manufacturing company. As a result, the policies regarding comp time and summer hours are based upon a production-line mentality, meaning that people need to be in their chairs from 8-5, five days a week. There is no deviation from this rule when it comes to our work hours even though we are salary and are not paid overtime for additional hours–unlike the folks on the production line.
My company offers summer hours, but I chose not to take them this year. Traffic being what it is, it strings Mon-Thurs to even longer hours and sucks away too many nights of summer. Half of Friday off isn’t worth all that.

Also, in regard to vacation, my workload is at the point where when I take a day off, I end up making up the hours anyway. Ex: memorial day off, but so much to do I ended up adding those 8 hours back into Tues-Fri just to keep my head above water.

I our organization, non-management staff are unionized. Our contract stipulates that we should get comp time. However our vice president doesn’t “believe” in it. Our supervisor will allow it for us, if it’s very well defined and we feel we can get away with it. It doesn’t cover any where near all the overtime we wind up having to work that’s uncompensated.
more companies should support flex time. if you get your 40 hours in, or complete your project for the week, you should be allowed to go home.
Comp days are for employees who attend and work trade shows.

Summer hours is offered on a department by department basis. Must have coverage to service customers.

Everyone here is required to take the last 2 weeks of the year off, whether we have vacation/sick time to cover it or not. We get 2 sick days and that’s it. NO vacation for the rest of the year 🙁
I’m in a department of four creatives; our Marketing Director lets us rotate Friday’s off during the summer, “off the books” so to speak. Not a bad deal! Otherwise, we have year-round 4pm closing times on Fridays.
Our organization promotes its vacation packages as really large–20 days–and flexible since you can use them for whatever you want. But that has to cover sick, vacation, personal, and ALL holidays. In the end we really get jipped. Are other places doing this as well?
my hours arent required during the summer and no matter what, it is expected to work a full 8hrs/day. during the summer we’re just able to start working earlier and leave earlier then.
Since summer hours began this year I have put in the extra hours Mon-Thurs but something has come up each Friday that required I stay behind to complete. So I end up putting in extra hours and feeling ripped off. Lieu time (comp) is only awarded if a supervisor approves the request in advance of putting in overtime — another way the designers can be ripped off if we do the hours on spec and then the supervisor doesn’t agree the overtime was necessary.
My current employer’s ‘vacation package’ is all under the umbrella of Paid Time Off. Time is accrued per hours worked. Days may be requested off for any reason, illness, vacation, or appointments. The negative of this plan is that there are no days reserved for vacation, or any time to just step away from work for a time. If you happen to get the flu and are out for a week, you have no time off until you can accrue at least 2 hours of PTO.

They are not Ogres, however, and are willing to negotiate time off without pay. Especially when they notice the physical twitches are becoming more prominent, or if they think of Jack Nickelson in “The Shining” when they see you in the break room.

Summer hours are different – our office hours are shorter but we have flex time so we can work whatever we schedule as long as we stay two days a week until end of office hours and put in our 40 (or more).