Get In The Vote: In-house Assessments Exposed

1. overlooked, underused and therefore undervalued
2. My “team” is basically just me. And sometimes I don’t think everyone in the company (10 people) know what I’m capable of doing. I’m still trying to demonstrate how my skills could benefit them.
3. My “team” is just me!
4. I feel the work my dept. outputs would be a lot better if we weren’t trying to please everyone & were just allowed to create and do what we know.

When it comes to communication, Why are we supposed to learn how to sugar coat everything in corporate jargon & sound “more professional”, but those we work for never have to learn constructive criticism? If they are allowed to say “I don’t like it!!” without the fancy wrapper, why can’t I say “I disagree with your suggestions” in the same manner? Is it just another double standard or is it because we are SO outnumbered?

5. We must continually strive to sell the value of design to our internal customers. We actively promote the beneficial results of our work on their behalf through newsletters, emails, online case studies, etc. We enter competitions and have been recognized as the best overall design and marketing team in our industry nationwide. Even with these accolades, we must relentlessly promote ourselves internally to ensure we that we are not undervalued as an organizational asset. Though it can be a slog much of the time, it is a necessary function of our design group.
6. Relating to #6: Unfortunately, the company doesn’t realize what the their needs are in the way of a design group and the impact we could have. I forward the HOW posts to my boss and others in the dept. in hopes that one day it will spark something and sink in, but I don’t think I can wait that long. The new boss even sits at the company’s “adult table” now, but it doesn’t seem to be making a difference as of yet.

Relating to #7: I think some think we do a great job and others that think the opposite. My opinion is we do well for what they expect, but not for what I want or expect of my group being a marketing/design group that could really be true brand managers/change agents for the company. They think of us as the McMarketing Dept. or an extension of the copy center just with more expensive software-unfortunate but true. I want to be a part of the strategic decisions and really make great things happen. On a positive note, I’m just glad to have a job right now, even if I’m not utilizing my true talents at the moment. We’re like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. We’re just brochure whores, but inside we just know we’re so much more than that!

7. Deadlines – we have an overwhelming need for design work that the need has been exceeding our capabilities, otherwise we always meet our deadlines.

Level of work is above good but below excellent mostly because of time and budget restraints.

8. We’re not “WOW.” We’re solid, steady and stable. We need to push to be strategic partners.