Give The Gift Of Snark: Knock Knock Nails It

As an in-house designer stoically surviving all the usual (and unusual) corporate craziness, the least you can do is treat yourself or a deserving coworker to some hubristic humor at the company’s expense. Knock Knock stocks lots of sarcastic snippets of biz busting baubles. A few are featured below…

4 thoughts on “Give The Gift Of Snark: Knock Knock Nails It

  1. Deb Budd

    Thanks for reminding me of the fun I had in my first design job. Our creative crew made lots of these (I’ve saved a few). The flow chart in which each step was an Alka-Seltzer packet… the snarky tack-ons to motivational posters… and my favorite stress-reliever, the “kill order” (complete with NC-17-rated check-list for preferred killing method for the designated kill-ee). The continual flow of rebellious humor made every day a lark, even as we did lots of great design and ads. Sharing these in a more corporate environment could be deleterious to career advancement, but they sure are good for a laugh!