Going Up?

How many of you have your elevator pitch ready? No? Shame on you! Over the years, the elevator pitch has become increasingly important as an key component of the in-house designer’s toolbox, especially considering all the areas within a corporate environment that employees intersect—coffee rooms, cafeteria, hallways and, of course, elevators. Essentially it’s a sales pitch for your department—a brief summary of the unique aspects of your services. Who you are, what you do and who you do it for. And a good pitch can make all the difference in how your colleagues perceive you and your department. Here are a few tips to keep you on track:

  1. Remember, keep it short. That’s why it’s called an elevator pitch. It should last no longer than the length of an average elevator ride: approximately 30 to  60 seconds.
  2. Know your audience. The pitch you deliver to the CEO may be a top-level,  30,000-foot view versus your pitch to a brand manager that would drill down into   the weeds.
  3. Keep it informal and conversational. You don’t want to sound like you’re reading a script. And don’t forget to breath, pause and listen.
  4. Take it out for a test drive with one of your colleagues.
  5. Finally, update it periodically to keep it current and fresh.

Now enjoy the ride. Third floor: Sales, Marketing, Public Affairs!

Glenn John Arnowitz is Director of Global Creative Services for Pfizer and co-founder of InSource. He is a designer, musician, composer, writer, actor and speaker, always looking for new ways to scratch that insatiable creative itch.