Lunch With … A New Interview Series Debuts This Week

Lunch With … A New Interview Series Debuts This Week
By Ed Roberts

“Lunch With … ” is a new series of interviews featuring interesting people who have experience working in-house and are working on projects they are incredibly passionate about. The inspiration for this series came from two sources: “How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer,” a book I purchased at the HOW Design Live Conference written by conference speaker Debbie Millman (if you attended her session you would agree she is a woman to admire), and breaking bread with both conference speakers and attendees while in Boston.

It was through those culinary experiences, where I discovered the conference speakers—off the stage and out of the glare of the spotlight—were surprisingly down-to-earth, real people striving to accomplish new and exciting goals. And those “faces in the crowd” sitting in the audience with me were equally mesmerized by the presentations on stage; they kept me mesmerized between sessions with their own unique, personal insights and ginormous ideas. I realized that both the famous and almost famous were each superstars in their own right. They influenced me to think broader, to stretch myself in directions that would sharpen my skills—making me better.

My goal is to continue those lunch conversations and keep the momentum moving forward at least until next year or maybe even beyond. Will you join me for lunch with someone incredibly interesting, doing BIG things that make our industry fascinating? You’re invited to join me later this week for my lunch with …