HOW Shout Out: The Award Rewards

In-house teams typically maintain a low profile in the design world. Whether it’s because they’re embarrassed (which they shouldn’t be) at how their work stands up to the work of their agency and freelance peers or because those same peers are compelled to strut their stuff as a means of gaining new clients (which innies don’t need to do), the fact remains that corporate creatives ignore opportunities to enter design competitions. This decision shortchanges individual in-house designers, in-house design departments and the in-house design community.

Below are just a few of the benefits of entering competitions.

  • It enhances team morale
  • It serves as an acknowledgement by management of the department’s contribution to its company
  • Winning an award is a validation the group’s design chops by their peers
  • Winning an award raises the team’s stature in the eyes of upper management and their clients
  • Winning an award raises the team’s stature within the greater design community

The InHOWse Design Awards competition is a great opportunity to reward you and your team with some much needed acknowledgement, validation and back patting.