In-House Creative Gift Guide

In-House Creative Gift Guide
By Shannon Stull Carrus

Christmas is next week, and I know all the slackers are still wondering, “should I get my co-workers something?” While it may be cutting it a little close, and shipping delivery time may be a little iffy, it’s never too late to put in a last-minute order for those you see 40 hours a week. Here are some fun but not-too-expensive options that I think are great ideas for in-house creatives.

For the Entire Group:

Pantone Mugs
Make your morning coffee more colorful with these Pantone mugs. Get a set for the whole team to share, and make the statement to the rest of the office that you are, indeed, creatives. Sets come in mixed blues, mixed yellows and greens, and mixed reds and pinks. I am partial to the mixed reds and pinks set, but choose the set that fits your office best.

Foldify App Designs:
If you’re looking for a thoughtful but inexpensive gift for your co-workers, Foldify may provide the solution you are looking for. Foldify is a nifty little iPad app that allows you to design, print and construct 3D figures. Use their figure template as a guide and put your illustration skills to work. Create custom character designs for each of your co-workers, then print the designs on a heavier paper, cut and fold, and you’re done! In the end, you’ll get to present your teammates with one-of-a-kind gifts they can proudly display in their offices or cubicles.

For The Hip Designer:
3D Printed Jewelry

Check out these stunning jewelry pieces by Nervous System. Modeled after organic structures like those of sea shells, veins, and cells, this brand creates intricate jewelry produced with 3D printers. In addition to their lovely selection they have already created, you can also try your hand at customizing various bracelets and rings through their physics simulation on their site. Perfect for the trendy lady who likes to accessorize with design and science.

Stylus Caps:
Sometimes when inspiration hits, an analog method of note-taking just won’t do. Enter this stylus cap. Simply place the cap on the tip of your regular Sharpie and take your notes from napkins to your Android, iPhone or iPad. The mix of tradition and tech should be a fun surprise for the designer who has everything.

For The Interns:
Animal and Monster Hand Tattoo Sets

Give those little tykes something as weird and awkward as they are. These Animal and Monster Hand Tattoo sets from Uncommon Goods are not what I’d traditionally consider a “designerly” gift, but I think it would be amusing to see these things peeking over a cubicle wall.

For The Project Manager:
Wondermade Marshmallows

Thank your Project Manager for doing a sweet job at managing your crazy deadlines by presenting them with some delicious gourmet marshmallows by Wondermade. This Orlando-based company hand-makes awesome marshmallow flavors like Gingerbread, Guinness, Bourbon, and S’mores, and packs them in to beautiful letterpressed boxes. The ‘mallows make a perfect sugar rush snack, or can be dropped in to coffee for a clever way to work booze in to a work day.

For Your Boss:
Custom Action Figure

Give your boss something that they really love…themselves! Through That’s My Face, you can create custom action figures modeled on photographs you upload to their site. Once the custom face is determined, you then choose the hair you want the figure to have, as well as the outfit. The result is a unique toy that will satisfy your boss’s inner comic book geek and narcissist in equal parts.

For The Classic Art Director:

Classic Moleskine Sketchbook

Always a classy choice, the Moleskine notebook is a great gift for the busy art director. Small, compact, and durable, these notebooks can be easily toted to coffeehouses and meetings. Give the gift of a Moleskine notebook, and you can feel confident your Art Director’s precious brainstorms, sketches, and notes will be protected for years to come.

For The Disgruntled Art Director:
Make the logo smaller – Tshirt

As in-house designers, we’ve all heard that notorious question “can you make the logo bigger?” at one point or another. Stand in solidarity with your AD and present him with this “Make the logo smaller” Tshirt. The higher ups may never understand, but at least he’ll know you do.

For The Disgruntled Anyone:
Swingline Limited Edition Series 747 Rio Red Business Stapler

As featured in one of the most beloved office-themed movies ever, the red Swingline stapler is the must-have desk accessory for your resident disgruntled employee. This fine stapler’s easy grip, strong stapling abilities, and glorious red hue will keep their moods elevated even on the most dreary TPS report-laden day.

What do you think is the greatest gift you can give to your fellow in-house creatives? Let me know what you bought this year, or what you would like to receive.

Shannon Stull Carrus is a principal and Creative Director at WHOISCARRUS, a full-service Orlando advertising agency. She has experience on both agency and in-house teams in various roles, including; copywriting, art direction, and creative direction.