In-House Design Groups

Top corporations often have robust in-house design groups behind many of their top initiatives. In fact, it’s often the work of these in-house designers that has the most direct outreach to the community. Meet these design groups and go behind the scenes of organizations where the in-house teams are employing clever approaches, cultivating innovative teams and generating top creative work.


Ties That Bind: 4 Quick Creative Team-Building Exercises

Mixing business with pleasure can be a tricky task. But, if done right, it can strengthen the ties that bind your creative team. In a recent survey by The Creative Group, 400 U.S. advertising and marketing executives were asked to share the most unusual team-building activity they’ve ever participated in. Some of the wackier...


Cultivating Audience Engagement at NPR

Whether you're a devoted super fan or a potential fan, NPR marketing and communication's team is constantly working on ways to extend the brand to you. Check out some of the touchpoints they've created to fulfill this mission.

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Training Your Coworkers to Understand Design

As an in-house designer, many of your coworkers don’t always understand what they do. And this might lead to a lot of frustration and misunderstandings about projects. With these tips from in-house design manager Scott Kirkwood, learn how you can educate your coworkers about design and your team.


HOW Design Live Speaker Frank Baseman On Design Lessons

The older I get, and the longer I work in the graphic design profession, the more I come to realize that “plum jobs”—those projects that one can only dream about—don’t come around every day. This may seem very obvious, but the further one gets from design school—where at times the only creative restriction on...

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3 Surefire Ways to Feed Your Creativity

Ask yourself this question: How do you feed your creative belly? Finding creative inspiration, and then creating something out of nothing in the murky waters of business is a daily requirement for most corporate in-house teams. Ed Roberts looks at three books that have helped spark his creative fire.