The Design Leaders Awaiting Your In-House Work

inhouse_2016_web_ads_may6_140x240Mattel’s Vanessa Dewey.

InSource‘s Andy Brenits.

S&P Global Market Intelligence & InSource‘s Shani Sandy.

All of them are in-house design leaders who know what it means to be an in-house designer. Who are, or have been, a part of hard-working in-house teams doing fantastic work. Who want to shine a spotlight on an under-represented segment of the industry—by recognizing you and your team.

Will you give them the opportunity to recognize your in-house team’s hard work and excellence with a prestigious In-House Design Awards win?

Meet the In-House Design Leaders Ready to See Your Work

Andy Brenits, judge of In-House Design Awards 2016Shani Sandy, judge of the 2016 In-House Design AwardsVanessa Dewey, judge of the 2016 In-House Design Awards, and speaker at the 2016 HOW Design Live May 19–23 in Atlanta

From left: Brenits, Sandy and Dewey [See Dewey in person at HOW Design Live, May 19–23 in Atlanta, where she’ll talk about how to create boundary-pushing branding and packaging in-house.]

About Brenits: With industry experience that is as diverse as his knowledge of the creative process is deep, Brenits has provided creative solutions, thought leadership, and design thinking to major brands such as Banana Republic, The Gap and National Football League. Formerly, Brenits was the creative director at APS, where he led the in-house creative services team. He’s currently president of the board at InSource. Brenits earned his Master’s Degree in design management from Pratt Institute, and he has a BFA in fine art and graphic design from the School of Visual Arts.

About Sandy: Sandy is the executive creative director at S&P Global and the digital lead for InSource. At S&P, she leads a talented design team and acts as creative collaborator for the marketing & communications team. Having dedicated more than 10 years to serving as a creative lead in the financial technology sector, she’s embraced working at the crossroads of data and technology, and she continues to advocate on the behalf of creativity to impact business.

About Dewey: Dewey is an award-winning Downtown Los Angeles–based designer. Since becoming an art director for toymaker Mattel’s Toy Box division, she’s has worked across numerous IP properties as well as properties for licensors such as 343 Studios, Mojang and Disney. Currently, she is on the Board of Directors for AIGA Los Angeles, where she champions the chapter’s Women’s Leader Initiative as well as the InHouse Initiative. And in March of 2016, Dewey was named to the AIGA In-house Initiative Task force.

The In-House Design Awards is all about celebrating your in-house design team’s hard work. Hear what Mandisa Fabris, art director at Robert Half Legal, has to say about her team’s 2015 win:

As with most in-house teams, our team handles a lot of work whose primary function is to support the needs of the business and our company. The In-House Design Awards have always been an opportunity for us to showcase the work that we as a team are the most proud of. … Our participation in the In-House Design Awards serves as motivation for our team, inspiring us to push our creativity further every day.

It’s an honor for our team to be recognized and be included in a group of other talented in-house teams. Just as we look for inspiration from others in the industry, we hope that our work in turn inspires others. For us, it means acknowledgement of our work at an industry level and validation of our contributions to the company’s goals and success.

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