9 Reasons Why You Need an In-House Design Award

As we approach the Early-Bird deadline for the 2017 HOW In-House Design Awards (it’s May 5!), the HOW team decided to go on a pretty intense gif hunt in order to more seriously communicate the reasons why you and your team should enter.

So, without further ado, here are some of the amazing things that happen when you’re a HOW In-House Design Awards winner:

1. You no longer have to awkwardly interrupt boring conference calls to brag about your team to the rest of the company. Displaying your Best of Show trophy in the most trafficked area of the third floor and occasionally carrying it around like the Olympic torch is downright tactful.


2. People from other departments will finally stop asking you why everyone on your team wears a cape to work. (Because they’ll obviously have seen the glorious Best of Show trophy displayed in the third-floor cafeteria.)


3. If there’s ever an argument between creative team members, you can present the Best of Show trophy to remind them of their shared design hero status. (Or just use it to physically separate them. Its wedge shape makes for great transverse splitting force.)


4. Whether you win Best of Show, Outstanding Achievement or Merit, a win will help you attract top talent for open spots on your team. (Who doesn’t want to work with winners?) This means no more clumsy unqualified hedgehogs walking around the office stirring up trouble. You’re welcome.


5. Your team’s boosted morale will go hand in hand with greater collaboration, making it even easier for you all to save the day from creative disaster (and to agree on a place for lunch).


6. A published project may help you get your budgets increased so you can finally afford to launch that experimental side project involving flying cats and company time. (Or, like, buy more fonts.)


7. You can use your win as a valuable recruitment tool and finally retire that World’s Best Boss mug. (We know, we know—you really did buy that mug for yourself ­only for recruitment purposes.)


8. You don’t have to worry about figuring out holiday gifts for family and friends—think of how exciting it’ll be to send them a copy of the Winter 2017 issue featuring your award-winning work? The gift of knowing an in-house design hero just keeps on giving.


9. Being recognized alongside other talented in-house creative teams feels like a million bucks.*

*But, sorry, a million bucks is not one of the prizes.


In all seriousness, winners of the HOW In-House Design Awards benefit in fantastic ways. Beyond the significant recognition of your team’s hard work, winners find their work featured in print and also online, where it’s sometimes featured multiple times throughout the year and beyond, gaining them valuable exposure.

This means that when you win, today’s top talent (AKA your next team member) sees your team’s award-winning work, and you have a valuable new tool for recruiting. Not to mention, you’ll find networking opportunities galore at HOW Design Live 2018 with the free Big Ticket registration that goes to the Best of Show winner.

What are you waiting for? Show off your in-house design superpowers. Enter the In-House Design Awards by 5/5 to take advantage of the Early-Bird savings!

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