In-House Design Resource Pack

Whether you’re an in-house manager, a design-team veteran or a newbie to the in-house environment, you’re probably looking for a little help navigating the corporate world. So the editors of HOW have put together an In-House Designer’s Resource Pack just for you.


For just $34.99 you’ll get 7 great products to help you sharpen your skills, boost your creativity, prove your worth and better understand the unique culture of your company. Get the following products at a 76% discount by ordering the In-House Designer’s Resource Pack today.


In-House Designer's Resource Pack

The In-House Design Resource Pack includes:

In-House Overhaul:
If you’ve ever wanted to make big changes to your team, including its reputation within your company, you’ll want to read this article. Learn how a small, everyman team turned their in-house department into a corporate success story.


In-House Design Awards 2013:
One of the hardest parts of being an in-house designer is focusing on one client day in and day out. That can lead to a major lack of inspiration. Find out what other in-house designers working in the same industry as yours are doing so you can stay relevant and inspired.


Metrics & Trends In-House Designers Need to Know:
Looking to prove your team’s worth to the c-suite but lack the hard facts that upper management lives and dies by? The results of this survey from InSource and Cella Consulting will help you make a case to get the resources and respect you deserve.


The Secret of Project Management for In-House Designers:
Bad project management is the root of more problems that we could ever list, especially for in-house departments, which have few boundaries between their designers and clients. In this audio session, learn how to manage projects—and clients—from the get-go so your projects are stress-free, on time and on budget.


From Order-Taker to Business Partner:
This Design Tutorial will help you change the way your department is perceived within your company, something nearly every in-house team struggles with.


The Corporate Creative:
We consider this eBook in-house bible by InSource founder and corporate design veteran Andy Epstein. A must-have for any in-house designer, especially those who manage or lead teams.


Caffeine for the Creative Team:
This bestselling eBook by popular creativity coaches Stefan Mumaw and Wendy Lee Oldfield features 150 group exercises to get your team’s creativity flowing.