In-house In-sights: MORE Straight Talk From Jim Woods (Part 2)

At United Pet Group, Jim Woods has established solid fundamental best business practices that have resulted in successes that any other in-house team would envy – strategic positioning, management of agency partners and a growing corporate commitment to resources. Listen up as Jim discusses the nuts and bolts of his management philosophy.


Jim Woods is the creative director for United Pet Group, the global leader of home aquariums and outdoor ponds. He oversees an award winning in-house creative team as well as third party Agencies, Photographers and Freelance designers for the Tetra, Marineland, Instant Ocean, Jungle, and AquaTech Brands. Jim manages creative projects from concept to completion, translating marketing objectives into creative strategies, and directing the creative team in the production of packaging, advertising and marketing collateral. Prior to working with United Pet Group, Jim worked for the Baltimore and Washington D.C. division of Clear Channel Communications and has over eleven years of in-house design experience.