In-house INtelligence: Chart 21 – Bangin’ it out…

In-house INtelligence provides an overview of the in-house community in the form of a series of charts based on data retrieved from an AIGA survey to which over 1,100 in-house designers responded. Special thanks to Randy Johnson, a practicing in-house designer, for the chart designs.

4 thoughts on “In-house INtelligence: Chart 21 – Bangin’ it out…

  1. Andy Epstein

    Good point, Veronica. There was a question in the survey regarding team size but it wasn’t cross-referenced with the other data. When we relaunch the survey, we’ll refine it to address this issue.

  2. Andrea

    Really? I am honestly shocked. I’ve worked in three different in-house departments, and the number of projects per year is more between 250–500. And I’m the only person in the department, usually!