IN-house INtelligence: Chart 29 – Living in a Material World

In-house INtelligence provides an overview of the in-house community in the form of a series of charts based on data retrieved from an AIGA survey to which over 1,100 in-house designers responded. Special thanks to Randy Johnson, a practicing in-house designer, for the chart designs.

2 thoughts on “IN-house INtelligence: Chart 29 – Living in a Material World

  1. Kelley

    This chart is very insightful. It would be really interesting to see where the overlap is — which teams do several of these functions and if there is a certain pattern or combo that is more common among in-house teams.

    1. Andy Epstein

      Good point, Kelley. Unfortunately we didn’t have the foresight to include the ability to parse the information that way on the survey. I have to say, though, that I was surprised that, given the inside joke that in-house teams are always asked to do the company picnic poster, that we really DO design a lot of posters for our companies. Hopefully they’re more strategic than the ones advertising office parties…