In-house Interpersonal: Holiday Cheer That Will Help Your Career

Holiday networking with an eye toward 2011

by Ilise Benun

Between the moments of holiday cheer, this is a good time to be thinking of what you want to accomplish in 2011: both personal and career goals. Focus on the rungs just ahead of you, not all the way up the ladder.

The obligatory holiday office party is an optimal vehicle. Who do you need to chat with? Who needs to put your face to your name? Who don’t you get access to very often, whether the head of the company or someone who isn’t in the office much?

This is not the time to get into long discussions about business issues. But it is the perfect opportunity to get a little “face time”, providing you have the confidence to make the approach and are clear on what you need to say and/or ask.

If you don’t know what to say, we’ll help you. Post your questions here and together we’ll see if we can’t brainstorm a solution for you.
And here are a few more holiday networking tips…