In-house Interpersonal: Value Your Value

Lack of confidence = Lower earnings

by Ilise Benun

Let’s start 2011 with a focus on the connection between self confidence and money, especially for women.

I recently interviewed Financial Recovery Coach, Mikelann Valterra for my new book, The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money, about how and why creative professionals have so much trouble pricing their work, especially women. Here’s an excerpt from what she’s written on the topic:


Resist perfectionism! Many women hold themselves back because they feel they are not “ready” to go to the next level. Once they are perfect (have the right amount of experience, the correct degree, and have mastered their current job 100%) then they will consider pushing upward. Men, on the other hand, are far more likely to “go for it”, even if they are not completely ready. Don’t wait until you are perfect. It is an unattainable goal. Ask yourself: “Am I good enough right now to take my business to the next level?” Read more here.

In our conversation, Valterra talked about shocking gender differences. Listen to this 3-minute clip.

What about you – men and women? Do you earn less but you didn’t ask for more? How has this affected your career?

One thought on “In-house Interpersonal: Value Your Value

  1. Donna

    One of my non-design coworkers and I were discussing this very thing not too long ago. She said that by nature, women tend to be less assertive and not good at negotiating. Not just in business, but personal affairs as well. She feels it’s because of our childhood training, but my mother was very assertive & raised me to believe that there was no difference between me and any male counterparts.

    So why does my income not even register on salary surveys?
    Why am I uncertain about looking for another job? (Having a job seems more important than having a job I actually like.)

    Mom would be so disappointed with me!