In-house Issues: Knowledge Is Power


Companies are fraught with idiosyncrasies, quirks and arbitrary rules as well as a plethora of unique industry-specific corporate policies, processes and procedures. These challenging organizational attributes can make for complex, maze-like and frustrating project initiations, reviews, approvals and implementations.


The same attributes also provide powerful validation for the value that creative teams bring to their companies. Most in-house teams have an intimacy with and a deep understanding of bureaucratic rule of law, how to navigate legal and regulatory reviews and the players involved with the creative process in the role of clients and other key stakeholders. Corporate creatives leverage this institutional knowledge to anticipate potential legal, branding and regulatory issues thus mitigating risk and speeding up internal review and approval processes and improving the quality of final deliverables.

The value this familiarity with an individual company’s culture and procedures is often underrated, underappreciated and (shame on in-house teams) underpromoted. While in-house teams provide value in a variety of different ways, institutional knowledge is, most likely, the singular biggest benefit they bring. It’s in every creative groups’ best interest to constantly look for ways to incorporate that institutional knowledge into the design process and educate clients managers and peers on the value that knowledge brings to their companies.


One thought on “In-house Issues: Knowledge Is Power

  1. Eric

    Interesting point. Agree that we should be aware of some if these hurdles, and do our best to mitigate road blocks. However, in my industry, we are heavily regulated by FINRA and have an entire regulatory compliance department. Keeping up with the workload and managing the compliance rules that change almost daily seems like an unimaginable task. But is that what you are saying? Don’t make me say that’s crazy talk…