In-house Issues: New Media, New Relevancy

Companies today are jumping on the social media bandwagon like a group of drunken sailors. As a designer with a keen grasp of new technologies and training on how to research and understand a targeted demographic, you should take the reins of this careening cart with no horse as the designated driver.



The GAP’s foray into design by colossal committee notwithstanding, many companies are testing the waters without a clear coherent plan or the proper staff assigned to their social media projects. If there was ever a time and reason for in-house designers to insist on a seat at the table, this is it.

Designers are better suited than most corporate staff to implement unique initiatives like new media where there is little to no history to refer to. They can apply the same design process/thinking to this type of assignment that they use for the creation of design artifacts. Research, strategizing, designing, prototyping and execution are necessary to the successful roll out of a Facebook page, Twitter account or WordPress blog that is going to represent a company.

There is a series of posts on the InHOWse blog you may want to refer to if and when you put together a rationale to pitch to upper management. It may be hard at times for in-house designers to figure out exactly how they can strategically contribute to their companies. Social media is one opportunity that’s a clear fit.