In-house Issues: Shut In? Step Out!


There may be many valid reasons why you’re not attending HOW Design Live this week but there are no justifiable excuses for not using other means to connect with your in-house comrades-in-arms.



The least defensible is that it won’t make any difference in your professional or personal lives. Having witnessed many innies make the leap into our community, I have never once seen any of them recoil and recede back into solitary confinement. It’s always been a sort of homecoming, a relief emotionally, a windfall of strategic support and an inspirational jolt of creative energy.

You don’t know anyone or how to go about it? In this age of instant interconnectedness and information, start googling the companies in the area where you work and pick up that object known as a phone and start making some cold calls. Nervous? – You did it when you wanted to ask someone out on a date and here there is much less at stake emotionally.

If you can’t work up the nerve our marshal the energy to make the cold call, then attend local events being hosted by regional design industry chapters such as AIGA, The Art Directors Club or other regional marketing groups.

Uncomfortable with even that? Start following blogs, Facebook and Linkedin discussion groups focused on in-house issues and participate. If all else fails then here’s an open offer – email me at I will give you a taste of what you’ve been missing and then politely but assertively kick your butt into our community. You won’t regret it. I promise.