In-house Observations: Thank you!

Thank You!

by Ed Roberts

Think of the last time someone sincerely thanked you for a job well done. How did it make you feel? A sincere thank you or the lack thereof in the corporate world can determine whether you are considered a valued partner or worse, just a vendor. Most in-house creative teams are generally overworked, often overlooked, and unfortunately not thanked enough for the incredible services they provide to their employers and fellow co-workers. When all the 9 to 5’ers have gone home, many in-house creatives are working late finalizing important initiatives that—if skillfully executed—could positively affect their employer’s reputation and bottom line. But also ask yourself how often have you genuinely thanked all the members of your team who helped craft those important initiatives?

I view offering sincere thanks as a key component to successfully performing my duties as an in-house design manager. Don’t get it twisted, money always feels good in the hand, but in lieu of money a firm handshake and sincere thank you isn’t unwelcomed. In my efforts to be effective and supportive, I recently assessed each member of my team and wondered if I thanked them properly for the great work they provided. I quickly realized that one valuable member—a true partner really—had not received proper thanks. I felt horrible because this particular team member consistently delivered perfectly executed projects ahead of schedule and under budget over the past year. So how did I remedy this major lapse in thankfulness? I asked the other members of my team to set aside time to travel an hour away and assist me in thanking and serving breakfast to each of the forty employees whose expertise and skill we relied on in printing and shipping all the communication projects we designed.

There is nothing like shaking the hand of a bindery tech, pressman or mailing clerk and sincerely thanking them for their excellent work while pouring a cup of coffee and offering them a warm country ham biscuit. The cost of the breakfast was very inexpensive; the recognition and solidification of a valued partnership will continue to be priceless. When you are thanking your in-house team and co-workers, remember to also sincerely thank all the printers, Web developers, illustrators, photographers, freelance designers and writers who helped you craft those amazingly creative marketing initiatives. View them not as vendors but rather valuable partners of your in-house team.

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