In-house Shout-out: There’s a Method to the Mastery

Kudos to Method for being selected as a winner of AIGA’s prestigious Corporate Leadership Award and kudos to AIGA for recognizing a superior in-house team’s efforts.

In referring to both recipients of the award (Tiffany’s was the other winner), AIGA states:

“Both companies incorporate design throughout their businesses, not just when it’s time to think about a product’s packaging or advertising.”

Specific to Method:

“AIGA selected Method for applying design from within and demonstrating outstanding business performance by using design as a key differentiator.”

There’s a wonderful opportunity here for other in-house design departments to showcase to their management Method’s success in the design community and, more importantly, in the world of business. Design is indeed a differentiator that can be the key contributor to the success of any given company’s product or service offering.

It’s also no coincidence that the design team’s leader, Matthew Loyd, is a thoughtful, dynamic leader as was apparent in his presentations at last year’s InHOWse and GAIN conferences. If you haven’t seen him present, there will be a great opportunity to do so at this year’s HOW conference.