Crafting an In-House Manifesto


A few years ago, I decided that my in-house team at the National Parks Conservation Association was ready to take our work to the next level, and that meant reaching out to our coworkers and launching an internal PR campaign to earn their trust and respect. As I started strategizing with my team, we recognized the need to codify the reasons why good design was so important to us. So I drafted this manifesto of sorts to guide our actions. This was more than saccharine set of core values approved by HR–this was our way of putting our beliefs on paper, something to inspire us when things weren’t going as smoothly as we’d like. We never actually shared it with our coworkers, but I can assure you, they all saw the results in our actions. Maybe our manifesto will inspire you and your team to write down the reasons you go to work every day.


We believe that good design takes time, but it is worth every second.

We believe that good design takes money, but it is worth every penny.

We believe that good design is collaborative. And challenging. And a lot of fun.

We believe that photographs communicate far more than words ever could.

We believe that of all the missions of all the advocacy organizations on the entire planet, the national parks provide the best opportunity for amazing photography. (Go ahead, try to prove me wrong.)

We believe that there is nothing wrong with falling in love with a beautiful font.

We believe that our national parks and historic sites are worthy of good design and nothing less.

We believe that good design is key to achieving NPCA’s mission.

We believe that good design is irresistible.

We believe that good design is contagious.

We believe that good design makes the world a better place.

We believe that our coworkers have a bigger role in design than they realize. And we’re out to win them over.


Additional Resource
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