Get Your In-house Office in Order

final_clutterSeveral months ago, I was eating lunch at my desk checking out a few European graphic design studios on the website. Captivated by the glistening, clutter-free interior photos, I caught myself daydreaming. I thought about how cool it would be to work in such awesome, well-designed spaces.

I wondered what it must feel like to sit in one of those luxe black leather and wood Charles and Ray Eames loungers with my feet propped up on the matching ottoman, tapping away on the latest, coolest, wireless gadget from Apple … [eyes slowly close, deep sigh]. Man, I thought, I sure would look cool …

Then the government issued, tangled up, corded phone on my desk rang; it was accounting asking for my expense report. Lunch over. European design studio tour, well, that was over too.

I reached into my desk drawer, pulled out my receipts and completed my expense report in record time. Okay, I have a confession to make, my truth: being organized doesn’t come natural. In short, I can be a total slob. Just opening a drawer and having all my receipts neatly waiting at my fingertips has not always been my reality. TMI?

I’m not proud of my truth. Several years ago I went into a rehab of sorts to cure my disorganization. I called Emily Parks who truly helped me get my in-house office in order. Emily was a marketing director for many years, she knows the inner workings of the creative process, and contributed to the construction of many winning campaigns. Her passion is organization. Emily not only showed me a clear path to efficiency and better organization, but she also guided my entire team there too.

I want to share the knowledge I received from Emily with you. Tune in tomorrow for a new six part series titled “Organize for In-house Success” where I’ll ask Emily a question that helped me and my team. I truly hope you’ll be inspired by the answers and become more efficient and better organized in-house.


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