Give and Take: A New Filter for Business Success


Are you a giver, a taker, or a matcher? Adam Grant’s book Give and Take has made some waves in the field of business, and it could help frame your behavior in the workplace. As the book’s publisher notes, many books in the category focus on success as a function of passion, hard work, talent, and even luck; Grant looks at success through a new filter—whether we invest in our work relationships and what we get out of them. Takers try to gets as much as possible from others, matchers aim to trade evenly, and givers contribute to others without expecting anything in return.

Using research from fundraising call-centers and other environments, Grant’s approach puts him in a category with Malcom Gladwell and the authors of books like Switch and Freakonomics, who find clever ways to shed light on simple decisions that most of us make every day, with very little thought.

In a nutshell, Grant found that givers seemed to find success more than takers and matchers–a finding that may change the way you go about your work.

Which category do you fall into? How has it served you? And what sort of people seem to have the most success in your office?

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