In-House Design: Careers & Advice

Find tips specifically for the unique challenges faced by in-house designers working for creative departments within corporations, organizations, businesses and educational institutions. If you work in-house, you may sometimes feel a bit out of place in corporate environments or in settings where you are the lone designer on staff. Get advice from in-house experts and learn how to navigate the corporate waters and maintain your creativity and design inspiration along the way. Plus, find tips for communicating the value of design to decision-makers.

Ed Roberts & Andy Brenits Share Their HOW Design Live

It’s an exciting time to be an in-house designer! It’s no longer a matter of trying to get a seat at the corporate table—we’re there. And our work is about more than just design—all aspects of creative work once sent out to agencies is now being brought in-house. When we drew up plans for...

Getting Into In-House

Looking to change things up this year? Getting an in-house design gig could be just what you need. Jason Tselentis explores what it takes to get into in-house.