Inanity Incorporated: Excising Self Expression or Bite Your Tongue

As a follow up to Monday’s post, below is an exercise to help you determine when to button it up or speak up.

Match up each of the situations below with the amount of your tongue you need to bite off to keep from speaking your mind. Unfortunately there is no right answer.

  • HR tells you that you can no longer:
    • Offer your team comp days
    • Play Frisbee on the campus lawn during lunch (liability risk)
    • Give a co-worker Advil if they have a headache (liability risk)
    • Touch someone on his or her shoulder (sexual harassment suit risk)
    • Have an off site party (liability risk)
  • When you ask your client the due date they reply
    • ASAP
    • Yesterday
    • Yes
  • Your VP of Marketing spends an hour telling you how talented she is
  • Your manager tells you to look for efficiencies when you tell him you need more staff to keep up with your workload
  • After you express the need for more bandwidth, IT tells you that everyone else is doing just fine with the network’s capacity so just deal with it
  • Your co-worker just handed you a file with:
    • RGB lo-res placed images
    • No die lines
    • No bleed
    • Missing fonts
    • Spot colors instead of 4 color builds
  • Your client tells you to:
    • Make the logo bigger
    • Change the background to their favorite color
    • Use their kid’s drawing in the design
    • Get feedback on your design from her admin
    • Work up 6 additional options by EOD
  • Your teenage daughter asks you, “Isn’t Justin Bieber just soooo cool?”

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