Inanity Incorporated: Kitchen Kapers Korporate Style

Resident in-house jester Garth Gerhart pleads his case for a move out of the corporate slum. Alas, to no avail…

I’ve been trying to get away from my cube right next to the kitchen for over a year. Unfortunately, the politics of moving prevent my escape, so to pitch the idea of my moving, I made this and posted it all over my cube. Still haven’t moved…..
Oh well…

3 thoughts on “Inanity Incorporated: Kitchen Kapers Korporate Style

  1. andy

    Hey Garth- you think that’s bad- my fellow designer and i have to sit right next to the bathroom! Sure we have a paper thin cubicle wall between us and the bathrooms but we hear everything. Our favorites are people that take calls in there. We’re still lobbying for our move as well.