Inanity Incorporated: Project Initiation…Not

“Inanity Corporated” showcases, or rather exposes, actual communications and situations that are almost too absurd to be real. Read it and weep – or laugh – depending on how closely they hit home. Today’s post is an actual email sent by a project manager to a client on how to initiate a project. The names and some details have been changed to protect the guilty.

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Subject: RE: PDS# AL345-J7778 – Initiation Assigned


Unfortunately, we cannot move forward with this request at this time. You will need to enter 4 separate projects (one for each category you are requesting).  Please also fill out the POP/OF page with the case quantities and correct product mix so that Warehouse  Inventory and Display Customization have visibility to what you are requesting. On the same page please fill out the billing worksheet so that the gross sales are populated correctly. Once you have completed the 4 projects you must go to the feasibility page and click “initiate feasibility process” in order to give visibility to the Display Customization team. Prior to initiating feasibility you must uncheck the committed button on the general page – otherwise the system will not allow you to initiate feasibility. Also, go to the cost details page and hit “request cost estimate”.  Once the feasibility process is complete and the promotion is approved the LPD will provide a timeline for this promotion (feasibility should take approx. 2 weeks).  The 4/25 delivery date that you entered is not feasible as the lead time for all FA promotions is 19 weeks from the time the feasibility is approved.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



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