5 thoughts on “Inanity Incorporated: USVEETHEM

  1. Darla

    I get it, I get it, it’s a joke… but does the fact that you’re actively promoting that designers think they’re cooler than everyone else really help you out at work? Sorry…just finished reading Bob Sutton’s book “The No A@@hole Rule” and can’t help but think it hits a little too close to home for a few of the “right-brain” creatives I know.

    1. Andy Epstein

      Great book, Daria!

      Just to clarify; the intention of the post wasn’t to place one group above the other, just chuckle at some of the very real cultural differences between the 2 groups. Lord knows we don’t need to risk encouraging designers to play the “cool” card at work…which actually brings to mind another potential comparison: left-brain hardass v right-brain prima donna…

  2. Zoe

    I think the comparison shouldn’t pit “us” against “them” so much as remind everyone that we need to incorporate our differences into our dealings with one another in a way that gets business done more effectively and efficiently!