InHOWse REALtime: AIGA Leadership Retreat Notes_1

I’ll start with an excellent quote from Ric Grefé regarding the promotion of the design profession…

Demonstrate value by doing………..

valuable things.

We can talk to upper management until we’re blue in the face about the value of design and they won’t get it. But if we articulate how what we’re doing is impacting our companies and also look for opportunities to enhance our existing projects above and beyond our usual efforts and seek out ways to  support our company beyond providing design artifacts, we’ll have a much better chance of changing our upper management’s mindset.

Go Green Go

If there is one topic that you’ll have a built-in audience for at your company, it’s sustainability. Practically every company has jumped on that bandwagon and there’s no one better positioned to explain the options on how to go green with your company’s printed materials than you. Check out AIGA Portland’s Green Design Expo section to see how they’ve addressed this topical and important subject.

2 thoughts on “InHOWse REALtime: AIGA Leadership Retreat Notes_1

  1. scott

    Two words…case studies.

    It was mentioned in one of the brake out sessions a website ‘@issue’. Is shows the value design has in the business world.