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………………The Virus

We need to accept the fact that the job of educating our non-design peers and managers in our companies about the value of design thinking will never end. As soon as we convert a design philistine into a design convert, she leaves the company and a old-school suit is hired to replace her who starts to undo all the enlightenment you’ve spread throughout the organization. It’s like being continually infected with a virus. Hopefully the corporate culture eventually develops a resistance to the design-ignorance bug and becomes a self-sustaining system that embraces design and design thinking.

Two quick book shout-outs touted at the retreat:

Thumbnail for Linchpin: Are You...Linchpin

by Seth Godin


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by Alex Wipperfurth

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  1. Tony

    Another notable book by Seth Godin is Free Prize Inside. It talks about articulating your ideas. I would recommend subscribing to his blog as well.


    p.s. Great session by the way! Thanks for all useful information.