InHOWse REALtime: AIGA Leadership Retreat Notes_4

I did it my way…

At an AIGA in-house brainstorm lunch I facilitated, one of the participants brought up an intriguing idea for an in-house competition. In a nutshell, it was to have in-house teams take a project that they believe had great potential but died a horrible death at the hands of controlling clients, time constraints, inflexible brand guidelines, corporate bureaucracy or some other counterproductive obstacle and redesign it in a way they felt best solved the design problem originally presented to them.

The rationale behind the redesign would need to accompany the new design. Not only would this competition allow in-house teams to flex their strategic and creative muscles, it would provide the entire in-house community with real-world examples of the true potential of in-house design teams to present to design-doubting upper managers.