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Be a virtual agency…

I serendipitously sat in on a breakfast roundtable at the Creative Freelancers Conference on the topic of survivng the economic downturn. Kevin Flores, principle of The Flores Shop, a small quasi-virtual agency, was the presenter, and what he discussed was both brilliant and totally applicable to in-house departments who want to position themselves as a viable alternative to large agencies. He has successfully capitalized on the trend of large corporations (where we all work) moving away from large agencies, with their high overhead and retainers, to relationships with smaller more numble and less expensive agencies.

Kevin has positioned himself almost as a general contractor who assembles the right team of expert creatives to address his clients’ needs, often on a per project basis. Most in-house teams could position themselves in exactly the same way by establishing contacts with appropriate outside talent and managing projects for their internal clients. As in-house we have the added benefit of having a clearer picture of our company’s goals, branding standards and unique regulatory and review needs to move the project along more efficiently and effectively. I’ll be tapping Kevin for a future In-house In-sights interview. In the meantime, you may want to check out his site at