InHOWse REALtime: Mile High Notes_3

{Turnover Ubiquity}

It’s more of a validation than new news, but I am a bit surprised at the number of stories I’m hearing here at the InHOWse Conference of design teams who have had multiple managers come and go within months of each other. While it may be good that you’re left to your own devices without a meddling manager mucking around in your business, there sure are a lot of potential pitfalls – especially if after the musical chairs ends, you’re left with no boss (I’ve actually heard that story) or a boss worse than the one you started with.

This all speaks to the need to be able to continually and powerfully articulate your value and the value of design to others (get those talking points locked-down in your grey matter). You should also find advocates for you and your team outside of your group, establish strong healthy relationships with your clients (OMG-is that possible?) and document your financial value, your SOPs and your department structure to school-up new bosses and the beancounters if they come hunting for cost savings and you have no one at the helm to defend your group (I’ve definitely heard stories about that particular nightmare scenario).