InHOWse REALtime: Mile High Notes_7

*But what do U want?*

In speaking with in-house designers here at the InHOWse Conference, I’m struck by the numerous challenges our practice is facing but encouraged by the capable people taking on those challenges. One pitfall, though, I’ve watched people fall into is that they sometimes lose sight of their needs in the midst of obstacle overload.

Obstacle overload plays out as an obsessive focus on describing what’s wrong and a hope for a solution but a failure to define what outcome an individual wants. Over and over again, I’ve heard the details of a problem a particular in-house designer is dealing with but when I ask, “So, what do YOU want? What do YOU want to have happen?” there’s a pause as I see the designer struggle to answer. Visualizing and then writing down the answers to those questions is the first step towards solving them. Don’t overthink the answer because, chances are, when you start down the path to achieving your vision it will evolve. So take the first step and discover your desires and goals.