InHOWse REALtime: Mile High Notes_6

It’s All About U

Whoever you’re being is going to determine your success in forwarding your goals. If you’re being passive-aggressive, confrontational, self-righteous – then all that’s going to come right back at you. If you’re being insecure, uncertain, timid – then you’ll be an invisible cog in the corporate wheel.

But when you behave in a way that’s being consistent with self-assured, collaborative, humane, honest and assertive – one of 2 things will happen. Either you will effect real change for you your team and your company or you’ll leave to find an organization practicing the same positive behaviors you’ve committed to.

It’s not easy, of course. Your emotions will be pulling you one way but your commitment will be trying to push you ahead in spite of all the negative thoughts swirling in your head. Hopefully you have a grounded friend, mentor or significant other to support you. If you need additional support – find a professional who’s commited to the design community and coaching creatives. Having watched Dyana Valentine here at the conference and in other venues, I can say that she is one such resource you may want to consider. I’m sure there are others, so whether it’s Dyana or another coach seek one out. It’s a tough road to change your environment but it’s even tougher to change yourself in the ways necessary to change your world.

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