InHOWse REALtime: Postscript

The lucky few – lucky me

I walked into my office this morning after the past few heady days at the InHOWse Conference half expecting to be let down after all of my high energy experiences in Denver. To my surprise and delight, my response was the opposite. It was as if I was seeing the team through a different pair of eyes. I was tuned into the wonderful energy, focus and intelligence that our designers were bringing to their jobs (as is true of most designers). It didn’t hurt that they openly admitted that they had missed me. My only regret was that they all didn’t have the same opportunity I did to experience the conference. But it will be different next year.

During our daily morning meeting I spoke about how it was so obvious to me what a great environment we all had the privilege to be working in, especially after hearing many of the challenges my peers in other companies were facing.

My manager, who is a designer herself and the reason I took the job here at Designer Greetings, related a powerful insight after I was done speaking to what a great environment the team was working in.

She said, and I’m paraphrasing here, that the reason our environment at DG is so great is a direct result of what everyone in the group was bringing to the party. She went on to say that when she was choosing a life partner, one of the things she was looking for was a man who would make her a better person through their relationship.  Smiling, she closed by saying that our team was no different. That we’ve all become better designers and, dare I say, better people because of our professional relationships.

Here’s to the powerful wonderful experience of working with the special kind of people that designers are.

2 thoughts on “InHOWse REALtime: Postscript

  1. Anthony

    I felt the same exact way. The InHowse Conference was definitely what I needed to pull myself out of the rut that I and my department was/is stuck in. I came back to the office with new ideas, new insight, and I’ve had more than one of my designers ask me “What did you do with Anthony and who are you?”.