IN-house INtelligence: Chart 23 – The Handoff

In-house INtelligence provides an overview of the in-house community in the form of a series of charts based on data retrieved from an AIGA survey to which over 1,100 in-house designers responded. Special thanks to Randy Johnson, a practicing in-house designer, for the chart designs.

7 thoughts on “IN-house INtelligence: Chart 23 – The Handoff

  1. Sydney

    Whew… ! I was encouraged to see that others are using a project request form to handle clients who are requesting help (we use an online form on our intranet exclusively)….

    Anyone care to send me a screen grab of what your form looks like (I’ll reply with ours)? Would like to see what other IHAs are doing….

      1. Andy

        Thanks for the response, Marci. Good question, maybe we can’t attach images or files within the comments section?

        In any case, I was happy to read everyone’s responses since they made me feel crazy about my fight for some sort of request tracking system within our department.

        The question I always have is how to enforce the use of such a form? Many people seem to view it as optional and a not completing last minute in-person requests is never an option…