INside Track: A Positive Negative

Anyone working as a creative in a corporate environment knows that there are occasions when saying no is an appropriate response. First and foremost, we all have to muster the nerve to say the no. As most human beings do, we often use a large dose of justifications and rationalizations to build up the nerve to make the pushback. This usually involves making the requester of the unfulfillable request wrong and this is where the problem begins. It can poison the tone of the no we deliver which has no upside for all parties involved in the no.


Ekhart Tolle, someone whom I’d characterize as a spiritual thought leader, talks about what he calls a high quality no. It is a no that has no ego, upset, anger or malice associated with it. Any receiver of a no cam tell you that they can tell the difference between a high and low quality no. It’s in your best interest to employ the former of the 2 options and politely, objectively respond in a professional, even compassionate manner.