INside Track: A Prescription For Patience

I had to drop off a prescription the other day. The pharmacy was very busy and all of the staff were attending to customers as best they could. When my turn came to give the pharmacist my prescription I was feeling a bit impatient.

The pharmacist politely took my prescription, checked the computer to make sure they had it and informed me it would take a half an hour to fulfill it. Looked at all the shelves with all the pill bottles neatly organized on them. How long could it take to pick up one of those bottles and dump my pills into a smaller bottle and give it to me?

Then I thought of all the impatient clients I’ve had to deal with who couldn’t understand that even a minor type change to their project might take an hour or more because other priorities had to be handled, files had to be retrieved and revised files had to be proofed.

I smiled, thanked the pharmacist and went out to stroll around the mall until the script was ready for me to pick up.