INside Track: A Song of One or an Album of Many


Ironically, as technology enables individuals to accomplish the tasks of what once required entire teams, the need for collaboration among individual experts to solve complex problems posed by our information-intensive and challenging global culture has increased exponentially.


For in-house designers, the challenge is that a PC, with a smattering of graphics and multimedia programs, can empower a client, who is so inclined, to create marketing materials for both print and web.

The too often ignored reality, though, is that the underlying objective of any particular marketing project said client is executing (in the more literal sense of the word) is most likely deep and multifaceted, requiring the kind of design and strategic thinking that only a well-rounded group of experts, with designers at the helm, can provide.

The end result of a solo endeavor is a solution in search of a problem and a problem in search of a solution.

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