Inside Track: Craving Craft


Last week there were several posts about creativity and it’s importance in elevating the contribution that design and design teams can make to the success of their host companies. I have a bit of a different perspective this week given that, here at Designer Greetings, we’re struggling with finding solid hard-core production artists – the artisans and craftsmen/women of our profession.



I’m talking about those individuals who love and take pride in crafting a well composed digital mechanical akin to the pros of the past who used to use ruling pens, French curves, acetate overlays, waxers, T-squares, stats, registration marks, rubylith and compasses to create bluelines that were works of art in and of themselves – those production rock stars who could absorb all the content that needed to be included in a project, understand the messaging priorities, label the colorbreaks accurately and proactively call out any inconsistencies with past projects that might be a problem.

Individuals who possess the above mentioned skills and aptitudes and an attitude made up of equal parts of taking pride in their work, flexibility, patience, humor and a desire become masters of their craft are in short supply. If our profession doesn’t acknowledge, compensate and elevate the practice of production, we’ll be offshoring even more of this once-prized craft than we already are. That would be a real loss for the design community and make all our lives that much more difficult and less gratifying.

One thought on “Inside Track: Craving Craft

  1. Kristin

    This is a refreshing post – thank you. The common push and topic of “getting to the table” always make me a bit nervous about what we’re getting away from.