INside Track: Dehlias Does It Right

Having two teenage girls, I find myself at the mall more times than I’d like. Amidst the myriad of teen/tween clothing stores that all blend together with graphics and fashion that cannibalize each other, one store stands out – Dehlias. Why? Because of their incredibly savvy customer service. The first time my wife told me how the saleswoman came over to my daughter and her best friend, acting more like a fashion consultant than a bored clerk, I thought it was a pleasant fluke. But yesterday, at a completely different store, I witnessed the same excellent customer service (with extreme emphasis on service).

The young saleswoman didn’t talk down to my kids, she asked questions to help them target their wants and needs, she offered suggestions based on their responses and then she spent as much time as was needed to help them with their choices – all with a cheerful authentic demeanor. Hmmm, I thought, what great training it would be for customer service-challenged in-house teams if they could all shop here…