INside Track: Do As Georgie Does – Shake It Off

I’ve spoken with enough in-house designers to know with reasonable certainty that most experience interactions with clients, managers and colleagues that leave them angry, depressed or both.

I’ve also walked my dog, Georgie, enough times to know that he offers an excellent response to these situations. Without fail, as easygoing as Georgie is, he comes upon situations that annoy, frighten or challenge his little doggie ego. Invariably he growls, barks and huffs and puffs. Also, just as consistently though, within 30 seconds of the onerous encounter, he’ll briskly shake his furry compact body and then go about  looking for the next place to raise his leg and make his mark – the past offense all but forgotten.

I’m not saying we all should deny our emotional responses to unsettling incidents, slights and ignorant actions on the part of our colleagues and companies. I’m just offering up Georgie’s subsequent response of shaking it off and then moving on, by either forgetting the slight or addressing it in a more dispassionate and less emotionally charged manner, as a behavior to consider.

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