INside Track: Entering Interactive



With the introduction of more user-friendly applications that transition print projects to web requiring a minimum of programming expertise and the explosion of companies initiating web-centric marketing programs, more and more in-house teams are finding themselves in a position to make the case for taking on interactive design assignments.


The trick is to figure out what staff to bring inside as either contract or company employees and what functions to outsource completely. Before you can do this, though, you need to undertake an interactive business audit to determine the amount and type of new projects your group will be taking on.

You may want to school yourself up in new media to get an overview of the technologies, platforms and industry to help you make informed choices on how to set your new team up. A good start may be HOW’s Interactive Conference being held in San Francisco this fall. SXSW is another gathering to consider along with joining a local interactive group.

Interactive marketing solutions will continue to become a larger segment within your host company’s marketing plan. Your in-house team should be positioning itself to take on this business.


One thought on “INside Track: Entering Interactive

  1. edr3

    I wholeheartedly agree. Several years ago, I enrolled in a four month, twice weekly, three-hour per session web certification course at a good local college. I had to drive an hour to get to class, so it took a lot of discipline but I learned the basics of XHTML, CSS and Javascript. Upon completion, I was able to understand the language that my contractors were speaking, knowing just enough to make me a little dangerous.

    I’m now enrolled in a year long Web 101 series offered by my local AIGA chapter. Honestly, knowledge is power and online marketing is growing by leaps and bounds — print, not so much. I’ve convinced my organization to save money by producing all our financial reports online for the last two years. It’s worked out well because we have been able to redirect those funds to more interesting projects that work better as printed solutions.

    Eventually I will need to hire a dedicated web developer. Until that time comes I’ve enrolled my senior designer in the same 4 month web certification course so he can increase his web knowledge and be able to speak the same language as our web contractors.