INside Track: Innovation Cake – Have it and eat it too

MBAs like a clean, planned, linear approach to solving problems. The drawback with this practice is that it sacrifices innovation for efficiency because it excludes a number of potential ideas by limiting options up in front of the process. The suits have mistakenly accepted a false choice between productivity and creativity.

The design methodology allows for messiness, fuzzy logic and controlled chaos that afford a multitude of options and associations that foster innovation with an acceptable and controllable level of efficiency. You can have it both ways.

One thought on “INside Track: Innovation Cake – Have it and eat it too

  1. swick

    Totally agree. Ideas are just tossed out that have real merit. A teacher friend sent me a link to a presentation software that is representational of this concept. Rather than the linear approach of PowerPoint, Prezi a non-linear approach. I haven’t used it yet, but I think it is a great idea. Check out