INside Track: Just BE

It’s not always easy as a designer to successfully work within a company’s culture. We right-brain creatives don’t necessarily work in groups the same way as our left-brain peers. Behaviors that are effective in design firms and ad agencies can fall flat in a more formal business environment.

So as in-house designers we’re left with the choice of either continuing to behave in ways that are comfortable for us and ineffective when interacting with our peers and managers or adopting new behaviors that will allow us to be more effective partners.

Acting differently may make you feel just like that – that you are acting and being inauthentic. Unless the new behaviors you choose to practice violate your morals and values, all you’re doing is operating in a way that will make you a better designer within the context of your corporation’s policies, procedures, social structure and rituals. You haven’t sold your soul.

What you’ll find over time is that your new way of being will become more automatic. More importantly, you won’t have the uncomfortable emotions that bubbled up initially. It’s the phenomenon of BE – Behaviors modifying Emotions.

Your emotions actually align themselves with your conscious decisions to act differently. It’s simply exchanging good habits – behaviors that work in your job – for bad ones – your original behaviors that didn’t work.

Whether it’s socializing more with clients, using more formal language with managers or dressing differently, try out a change, give it time to sink in and see if you become more comfortable with it and more successful at your job.

2 thoughts on “INside Track: Just BE

  1. Jessica Morgan

    It probably took me a year to finally figure out how to “act” in meetings and communicate effectively with my fellow in-house workers. I don’t think that I have sacrificed my true self, but have just added to my skills of communication/interaction. Experience is the best teacher. You have to be willing to bend and even break before you can learn to maneuver skillfully through the obstacles.

    Thanks for this blog! It’s so relevant to my in-house experience and I share posts with coworkers when we’re going through difficult times. We’re not alone in wanting to better ourselves and our office environment.