INside Track: Know Your Rights

One of our contributors recently told me how her manager had challenged her about her past blogging activities. She was told that it violated the company’s social media policy. The contributor rightly pointed out that the posts did not name any people or entities, were done on her personal time and were written with the intent of bettering her profession. The manager quickly backed down.

You know that thick arcane tome called the Employee Handbook? Read it! While there are many great aspects about working in a corporation, there are plenty of caveats too – especially employees or managers who are adept at using convoluted corporate rules and guidelines to their advantage and as a weapon against co-workers and reports. It’s an unfortunate fact of corporate life but one you should prepare for.

So make sure you understand all those seemingly inane rules, policies and guidelines and take any corporate compliance training seriously. If you get an unexpected and undeserved visit from HR or Security, you’ll be ready.