INside Track: Location, Location, Location – Proximity Matters – Abolish The Cube

Here at DG we have an open loft-like space for the creative team. The value goes far beyond fostering a feel-good, designy atmosphere to boost morale. I was reminded of the bottom line value of an open studio layout just today. One of our designers who was entering information into our card concept database came over with a question that seemed to have a an obvious solution. I was just about to give an answer that would have had a system-wide impact on the database when one of our production managers, overhearing our conversation, quickly came over and added an insight that completely changed the advice I was about to give.

Design, as we all know – but our managers and non-design peers often don’t, can be a highly information intensive, logistically complex process. The more visible and public our exchanges are, the better the chances that important information will be shared that may have a critical impact on a project. Tearing down cubes is not just an exercise in creative independence and rebelliousness. It is a necessary action that will absolutely improve the efficiency of the creative team and increase the profitability of the group.