INside Track: Makin’ Sausage

Nobody, when they’re served up a breakfast with a pair of piping hot sausages, has any desire to know how they were made. They just want to enjoy them with their eggs and toast. This dynamic applies to politics as well – witness Congress’ nosedive in the polls as the public has watched them hash out various health care and jobs bills.

In-house designers would do well to pay attention to this cautionary tale. If you’re tempted to go into the gory details of how badly your department is broken when asking your manager for more resources or doing a mea culpa with a client on a project that went south – don’t. They don’t care and there’s no upside for you to peel back the layers of that onion. The best approach is to walk into those types of conversations with a solution and the rationale behind the solution. No one wants to see a close-up of the meat-grinder.

2 thoughts on “INside Track: Makin’ Sausage

  1. Tiffany

    This is such great advice. I try to remember this whenever I’m feeling like I’m going through that proverbial meat-grinder. I also particularly dislike it when coworkers and others dish their messy issues. I don’t want to hear about their department’s problems and I’m sure they don’t care to hear about ours!

  2. Chris

    I agree. As a manager, I appreciate it when an employee comes into my office offering a well thought out solution to their own problem. Then, we can work together on implementation. This is always a trait I look for when I am in the position when I can promote someone too. I deal with problems all of the time. But, I love to work on solutions to meet customers needs.